About the region

Upper Franconia is one of the most interesting and manifolding Bavarian regions. The contrast of the nationwide high industrial closeness and a high scenic potential, embossing from the Franconian Forest, the upper valley of the Main and the country around the city of Coburg, the Franconian Switzerland and the Steigerwald are the reasons that this region differs from other nationwide areas.

The economy of this region is being minted by a predominantly middle-class, varied and innovative corporate structure.

The Autobahn A 3 Nuremberg-Wuerzburg, A 70 Bayreuth-Bamberg and A 73 Nuremberg-Bamberg serve the traffic through a nationwide network. The Autobahn A 73, meanwhile continuously leads from Nuremberg to Bamberg, to Coburg up to Erfurt.
The Main Danube canal connects the state harbours Bamberg and Forchheim. The airport of Nuremberg takes care of the international air traffic.

The cultural diversity of the Upper Franconian region is being reflected by the cultural assets which is known very well all over the world. E.g. the old Town of Bamberg, which is counted to the world cultural heritage since 1993 or the fortress Coburg or the monastery Banz and its church of pilgrimage “Vierzehnheiligen”.