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sedda – Innovations from Passion

sedda comes from the Latin sedere (to sit). In keeping with the name, the company puts a strong emphasis on the seating experience. We work passionately on innovative solutions to create upholstered furniture of the highest quality with a contemporary design. The scrupulous workmanship of master craftsmen, high-quality solid wood as well as premium fabric and leather collections ensure long-lasting enjoyment while sitting. As a pioneer in multifunctionality, we will be showing a variety of unique sleep systems at the in-house trade fair Ponsel such as our classics easy or the revolutionary quickmulti-pull out system.

Further highlights include our patented infrared depth heat system, the smart power station for wireless charging as well as our design furniture series with an electric couch bed and a big-chair-feature. See for yourself and discover the latest innovations from the Austrian upholstery pioneer sedda.

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sedda Polstermöbelwerke Hans Thalermaier GmbH

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