sedda Polstermöbelwerke Hans Thalermaier GmbH

For over 60 years, the sedda upholstered furniture factories have stood for premium quality 100% "handmade in Austria". Whether it's a designer couch, sofa bed, TV armchair, box spring bed or mattress - every piece of furniture is individually handcrafted to customer specifications and tailor-made for every room concept. As a pioneer in multifunctionality, sedda is able to skilfully merge design and innovation and create upholstered furniture for the highest comfort demands.

The stylistic theme of the sedda 2022 collection shows a modern interpretation of the mid-century idea paired with inviting elegance. Harmonious natural tones, such as beige, sand, warm grey, natural shades of green and brown, are combined with subtle splashes of colour. Cotton, linen and recycled fabrics are in vogue. Clear lines, reduced shapes and high-quality materials create luxurious living areas.

Individuality is one of our greatest strengths. Despite industrial production processes, we see ourselves more as a manufactory. Every piece of furniture that passes through our factory is completely tailored to the needs of the customer and his room situation. This means that every piece of furniture is a perfect one-off. Custom-made products are no exception for us.

When it comes to multifunctionality, we can count ourselves
among the biggest innovators on the market. From patented sofa beds, electric relaxation functions, home office solutions, charging stations for smartphone & notebooks, to electrosmog-free infrared deep heat, our furniture delivers added value that goes far beyond the mere need for seating.

Solid wood from sustainable forestry, Ökotex-tested upholstery materials, CFC-free foams and a recycling rate of 93% show that sustainability is an essential part of our philosophy. But we are particularly proud of our solvent-free, water-based foam bonding. Thanks to this innovation, 70,000 litres of solvents can be saved annually. Thus, our furniture protects the environment and ensures a healthy & unpolluted living climate.

However, one of the most important factors for a sustainable lifestyle is quality. That is why we have committed ourselves to an uncompromising quality policy in order to produce upholstered furniture with an above-average lifespan. Because our goal is to create lasting values for long-lasting pleasure and comfort.

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sedda Polstermöbelwerke Hans Thalermaier GmbH

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Weidhausen [Route planner

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+43 676 84440027 (Hr. Straßl)
+43 676 84440016 (Hr. Unali)

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Herbert Straßl (Sales Management), Silvano Unali (Field Sales Germany), Ragailler Johannes (Marketing Management) and our competent office team.

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sedda Polstermöbelwerke Hans Thalermaier GmbH

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