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Welcome to the excellent world of Ponsel. Furniture made in Germany.

For four generations, and with over 90 years of experience in upholstered furniture, the family business Ponsel has been renowned for its classic and high-quality sofas.

With attention to detail, the large-scale Ponsel exhibition will present the latest trends and classic sofas from the two collections VENTURO and CHALET. The product assortment not only features a diverse range of models but also boasts innovative functions, individuality and value.

Ponsel is particularly proud of its latest certification with the new VDM Label: “Furniture made in Germany”. The entire collection, including all exclusive and association models, has been successfully certified and is 100% produced in Germany, at the Weidhausen site. All furniture also bears the well-established “Golden M” quality mark and Class A emission label.

Look forward to seeing the new products that Ponsel upholstered furniture has to offer and ideally (owing to current circumstances) make an appointment today.

The Ponsel team wishes you an early “warm welcome” to its showroom space (covering over 2,000 sq. m) in Weidhausen.

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Albert Ponsel GmbH & Co. KG

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Harald Welsch, Sabine Faber, Axel Faber, Detlef Ott, Stefanie Geßlein, Matthias Recknagel und unser kompetentes Innen- und Außendienst-Team.


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