About the fair

Christian Dahm, Managing Director
Christian Dahm, Managing Director

From 27 to 30 September 2015, the Upper Franconia House Fairs will be taking place, and the regional upholstered furniture industry will be presenting its latest models and ranges in its own showrooms.

On this occasion, the upholstered furniture manufacturers of Upper Franconia will show themselves in an unmistakable spectrum: whether ergonomically conceived, design-oriented relaxers, comfortable furniture suites for best-agers, size-adapted armchairs, functional couch-beds, lounge-type dwelling landscapes or chic individual furniture for the singles household – the variety is simply unique. Thanks to greater fle- xibility, the Upper Franconian manufacturers can also fulfill individual customer requirements. Here, every supplier has discovered its own particular niche – from healthy sitting and sophisticated relaxation functions to unusual natural leathers.

Beside new products, the Upper Franconian manufacturers also offer effective marketing concepts, so that their business partners can operate successfully at the Point of Sale. With their quality products made from sustainable raw materials, regional production and, of course, fulfilment of stringent quality demands, they are pioneers and market leaders. High quality upholstered furniture of Upper Franconian manufacture are not only a seal of quality in themselves, but are fully in trend with environment-conscious consumers and furthermore an item of cultural heritage. The region of Upper Franconia also has the advantage of an attractive infrastructure and short transport routes. Here, the massive competence of the upholstered furniture industry is concentrated upon a manageable area. This means that trade visitors to the fairs can, without much expenditure of time, obtain an extensive overview of the manifold new products from the Upper Franconian upholstered furniture manufacturers, and and the same time hold inten- sive specialist discussions in peace and quiet.

This year, we shall be revealing the variety and flexibility of the Upper Franconian upholstered furniture manufacturers better than before with a revised Key Visual. Our motto for this year - tailor-made solutions for individual requirements – stands for the variety and possibilities of the Upper Franconian upholstered furniture industry. We have retained the cube as a symbol for versatility, but also for the shared identity of the joint trade-fair standards. Every exhibitor is part of this cube, but at the same time stands for a high degree of independence and dynamism. With this background, we are referring to the region of Upper Franco- nia, in which our upholstered furniture manufacturers are fully at home with their long tradition and high innovational capability. 

19 upholstered furniture manufacturers from the region will present in their own showrooms exciting new products, interesting further de- velopments and up-to-date marketing strategies. Our exhibitors – Arco, Brühl, EMP, FM Munzer, F+S, Gehlen, Gruber, Max Häublein, Kionor, K+W, Nmachalke, Mayer, Ponsel, Pora, Ewald Schillig, W. Schillig, tommy m, Ultsch and Max Winzer – look forward to welcoming you. Furthermore, Talis Teppiche (W. Schillig stand) and the Austrian upholstered furniture manufacturer Sedda (Ponsel stand) will be present as guest exhibitors.

Christian Dahm,
Managing Director, Hausmessen Oberfranken


With regard to the opening hours, for all fair centers and places of issue the following timetable is valid:

8.00 a.m. - Open end

Refreshments and beverages will be provided during the whole event.

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